A 24x7 "GEAR HOSPITAL" for emergencies & breakdowns !!

The unique experience of our service and repair business unit is founded on 50 years of engineering for some of industry’s most challenging applications. Our engineers are able to perform either basic or advanced inspections to ensure the proper functioning of its industrial gearboxes, either on-site or at its service centers.

In addition, our personnel carry out dismantling and re-installation tasks after which they will perform a test run and final inspection.

If you are experiencing problems with an industrial gearbox, in any application – look no further than PITSON. Our policy is to support our customers’ service strategies and to further develop our own service channels.

Our long standing gear engineering expertise ensures we can drive value into any gearbox service, repair and upgrade programme.

Our focus:  is to minimizing downtime and we strive to be with you on-site as fast as possible. Our teams work closely with your on-site personnel to ensure that any impact on operations and cost of ownership is kept to an absolute minimum.

Utilizing more than 50 years of gear engineering, we deliver the following industrial gearbox services, for all brands, model types and applications.

Gearbox Inspection - Conditioning Monitoring​

Gearbox Repair, Overhaul and Refurbishment​

Our Standard Overhaul and Repair Procedures and Practice​

On Site Service

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