Dear Candidate,

We at Pitson Transmission Technologies, are a relentlessly client-focused group who are re-imagining, re-designing, and re-engineering the way of supplying (product & services).

We are looking for passionate and creative people who love to go into market and crazy to join our crusade.
Yes, crusade.

We don’t really read books and so are blissfully unaware of that term’s potential to alienate candidates with any historical sensitivity.

We get off on solving real problems of customer applications in the simplest, most elegant manner possible and want to work with people who Get. Shit. Done.

We’re a start-up team but also a family.

We dream big, iterate fast, and build shit. We say “shit” a lot because it keeps the workplace cool and casual. So we need a motivated and energetic rockstar candidate who can be an innovation catalyst in our organization, exhibiting a fanatical commitment to the customer while inspiring the team around them to pioneer the next-generation of (product) solutions.

Look for the Job Vacancy below and you can reach our first step HR Manager on below e-mail

He will guide you further.
Make sure you mention below topics when you discuss with HR.

  • Your personal background (Living city, family, your personal interests, your aim etc..)
  • Your education background and the achievement of shits you achieved during your academic career.
  • Your experience with some success shits you have achieved.

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