A team that always charged to serve your gearing needs.


Four generations of professionalism and passion..

3 powerful men, 50 successful years, 2 active generations. We are an established gear manufacturer in Gujarat since last 50 years and gearbox/geared motors supplier in the market.

We have a long and interesting history. It’s not an anonymous ‘cold as steel’ company without a human face. In fact, it’s just the opposite – full of feelings and warmth. It’s a business that has been growing big, but it is still a family business which takes good and individual care of all its workers and customers.

We shape our business philosophy around four key values, which have been developed to ensure we support our customers through the solutions we provide and the service we deliver.

We use 50 years of engineered gearing innovation to understand and solve our customers’ problems.

We work in partnership with our customers and suppliers, delivering enhanced product and service offerings.

We deliver expertise to our customers providing rapid gearing support and services.

We add value to our customers by reducing total cost of ownership. Our customers are central to our business and everything we do.

Throughout the history we have been a company that cares for people. This means we serve our clients with high interest and take good care of our workers well-being. Appreciating humane values is the key to sufficient flow of work and satisfactory outcomes. This can be seen, for example in our well-developed technical customer services that provide comprehensive support for all situations. 

With us, customers and workers both can feel that they are in good hands. By working as one team we have a single vision to become the world’s leading provider of industrial gearing services and support and the first choice for customers.

Goals for the Future:

We are determined to establish the status as the world’s most wanted, best known and most efficient manufacturer of gears.

We will continue to focus on gears that are superior in reliability, strength and silent in operation. We will enhance the already existing expertise by not only further investing in the newest technology, but also by training our workers to master the new machines.

Green and Humane Values:

One of the reasons to our success is its values that we have carried out since the very beginning.

Openness and honesty are leading us at everyday work while we are taking care of each other, including customers.

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