Low backlash high precision gearboxes from MeliorMotion® GmbH

Components / Sub-assemblies

Series PSC- V/H - E

MeliorMotion® offers high precision gearbox components/sub assemblies. 

These gearboxes have backlash of ≤ 0.1 arcmin are considered backlash-free. 

With patented solution for wear regulation, it is to ensure that backlash does not change over the entire service life.

More safety for your application is offered by low-backlash gearboxes thanks to high output, acceleration and emergency stop moments.

MeliorMotion® gearbox series has exceptionally high tilting and torsional stiffness. These ensure precise positioning straight-to-the-point.


  • Torque Range: 300- 7000 Nm 
  • Outer Diameter of the gearbox body: 155- 405 mm
  • Standard Reduction Ratio Range: 35:1 to 200:1
  • Hollow Shaft diameter: 33-126mm
  • Highest Efficiency (>90%).
  • 20,000 hours life cycle.
  • Zero Backlash: <0.1 Arcmin.
  • Replacement to Precision Cycloidal 
  • Extremely Low Breakaway Torque.
  • Constant Low Transmission Temperature.
  • Extremely quiet noise during operation.
  • Also available with food compatible lubrication oil.


  • Industrial robots of all kinds; robots for linear axis
  • Handling systems
  • Pick and place applications, 
  • Automation systems and transport systems
  • Tool changers, feed systems, rack and pinion applications.
  • Rotary tables
  • Welding positioner 
  • MRT, CT devices for medical industry

Solid shaft, sub-assembly


Hollow shaft, sub-assembly


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