NWS Series

Worm Gearbox for Tough Environment


• Aluminum Die Casted anti-rust Gearbox housing

• Special Plyvinledene coating to resist corrosion affect from atmospheric oxidation, water jets, acids, alkalies, detergents and mortar.

• This Coating can resist salt spray and humidity from 1400 hrs or more

• Dry film hardness of Coating: 2H-4H

• High Temperature resistance Oil Seal and optional features of FDA compliant or Antimicrobial FKM Oil seals

• Output shaft oil seal with all stainless steel wearing rings and springs Oil seals

• High Accuracy and Finishing of Gears

• SKF/FAG/TIMKEN - 2RS shielded bearings

• All Steel Alloyed (SS 304) output shaft for corrosive environment and SS316 shaft for Food Grade application.

• Anti Corrosion bolt SS316 Stainless Steel.

• Pre filled Mobil Glygoyle VG 320 Synthetic Oil with optional specifications NSF H1 registered to meet stringent FDA requirements and are: 

– Suitable for Kosher and Halal Food preparation. 

– Formulated to be free of animal derived materials. 

– Formulated to be free of allergens from nuts, wheat and gluten. 


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