Gear Spares and Customized Gears

Helical & Spur gear

Module: 1 to 16

Material: 45#steel, 20MnCr, 38CrMoAI, CI, SS, Nylon

Process: Hobbing, Hardening, Grinding

Bevel gear

Module: Upto 20

Material: 45#steel, 20MnCr, etc

Process: Bevel generator, Hardening, Lapping

Worm & worm gear

Module: Upto 18

Material: 20MnCr, SS, Copper, Bronze, PB2, Al, Sandwich Casting with PB2 and Castiron

Process: Hobbing, Thread milling, Hardening, Thread Grinding

Rack and Pinion

Module: upto 14

Type: Helical and Spur

Timing belt pulley and Sprocket

As per customer specifications

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