Counter rotating twin screw extruder gearboxes

1. Conical Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox

  • This twin screw gearbox applies the advantages of steady transmission and high loading capability of conical gears to optimize the features of plastic products. 
  • The conical gear precision hobbing and grinding are the core technologies. T
  • he conical twin screw gearbox are precisely ground with special machining facilities, customized programs and strict assembly tolerance controlling technologies.
  • These twin screw gearboxes are designed according to the latest principles of AGMA.
  • The structure is composed of deceleration and allocation sections. With innovative breakthrough of conical gear grinding programs, the gearbox performs high transmission efficiency, high torque, high steadiness, low noise and low energy consumption on plastic extruders.


  • High Precision Grade (DIN 1~3)
  • High Transmission Efficiency (>97%)
  • Long Lifetime Usage
  • High Torque (> 11,000Nm)
  • Low Operation Noise (< 70dB)
  • Low Friction & Energy Consumption

2. Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox

[SLYW, YWL Series]

  • Counter-rotating Parallel Twin Extruders is with strong casing and high safety coefficient structure design ,which can be operating under high torque demand.
  • High precision gears and strong thrust bearings are equipped inside of the gearboxes to enhance transmission efficiency and absorb the axial pressure caused by the extruders.
  • Embedded cooling and lubrication systems ensure the gearboxes to have low noise and low vibration performance.
  • Responding to the requests of low speed and high torque, by steadily reducing the motor speed and increasing the output torque, the gearbox precisely and effectively provides the most optimized output to the extruders.


  • High Torque, High efficiency, Low speed design
  • Excellent Mixing & Plasticizing Performance
  • Strong housing and High safety coefficient structure
  • Gear grinding up to DIN 1~3 precision level
  • Operation Noise below 70dB
  • Embedded forced lubrication and cooling filtering system ensure excellent dissipation efficiency 
  • High Transmission Efficiency and Low Energy Consumption

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