Co-rotating Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox

[SLTW , SLTWH, TWT Series]

  • Corresponding to the increasing demand of the twin-screw extruders this is the series of high torque gearboxes for the co-rotating twin-screw extruders.
  • The gearboxes are embedded with excellence heat dissipation and oil lubrication system to perform stable output capacity under heavy-loading force.
  • The construction of this gearbox is composed of the primary reducing section and the distribution section, which are combined by a trusting bearing housing and a pressure flange that absorb the axial loading from the extruder.
  • The gearbox of this series have the compact construction、low noise、heavy loading capacity and high production output.


  • Featuring high torque and high output speed rate design.
  • Excellent Mixing and Plasticizing performance Coupled with thrust bearings assembled in multi-row tandem package.
  • The best transmission efficiency & high torque and sufficient safety coefficient.
  • The precision of gear grinding up to DIN 1~3 grade, operation noise is kept below 70dB
  • Forced lubrication and built-in the cooling & filter system ensures excellent heat dissipation.
  • Solid gearbox structure strength ensures minimum rotation vibration.

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