>Most suitable for securing all types of bosses and hubs on shafts and axles.
>No Keyway, No extra machining, No notch effect.
>Perfect true running.
>Backlash free.
>Easy adjustability / Easy exchangeability. 
>Easy mounting : Elements are tightened using standard screws and standard tools. Extra machining or fitting work is not required.
>Easy removal : provision of release tapped – saving much time, the double tapers prevent self-locking and ensures the the element can be released without difficulty.
>Freedom from wear – having no moving parts.
>Maintenance Friendly.
>Overload protection effect – When the permissible load is exceeded, elements will slip. In this way, they can safeguard valuable machine components against damage. However the slip causes fretting of the contact surfaces, so elements should not be used as slip clutch.

Working Principle:
Keyless element works based on wedge friction theory. By tightening clamping screw, clamp force generated. Due to taper geometry, clamp force is transmitted in radial direction to other member which induced contact pressure on hub and shaft. Due to interference between two bonded parts at shaft and hub, torque can be transmitted from shaft to hub through key-less elements.

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